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Image by Andrej Lišakov


One message and one podcast were the answer to transforming my habits.

I was living in the USA just for three years back in 2014. I became a mother and was just start to live in a new country with my husband and a new baby; with a new language and everything new, I had to change my habits to learn and be fluent in everything. How to flow around this.

If you don't like the products, you must change the pattern. This is critical because sometimes we don't like what we get with our life. We don't like the way our relationship flows, we don't like how our body feels, and we don't like how sometimes we feel empty. The problem is the pattern. I'm coming after your excuses; we often blame the tree because the fruit is not there. And we're going to blame God for the blessings he didn't give, and we could blame the people for the opportunities they ever let us have. And blame the circumstances; we have all these problems. BUT... the problem is not what they did to you. THE PROBLEM IS THE PATTERN OF YOUR RESPONSE. Message from my pastor Steven Furtick back in 2015. Watch it!

I got to know Emily Freeman from some writer's friends em North Carolina. And how I was blessed to start to listen since episode 1 of the podcast called "The Next right thing." I remember hearing every week when the new episode was recorded, which drove me to build new habits, say no to what I should do, and unfollow toxic relationships on social media. Small steps and big changes.

What's The Next Right Thing about? For the second-guessers, the chronically hesitant, or anyone who suffers from decision fatigue, best-selling author and host Emily P. Freeman helps create a little space for your soul to breathe so you can discern your next right thing in love. Because out of the thousands of decisions you make every day, chances are a few of them threaten to keep you up at night. Listen in if you're in a season of transition, waiting, general fogginess, or if you've ever searched "how to make a decision" on the internet. (Part from the podcast by Emilly Freeman).

Play podcast number 1 and get to know why I chose to start to listen and never stopped until now!

This message and the podcast are always on my mind, and I kept reminding myself about the patterns and how to choose the next right thing every day.

I hope these two can bless your life right now!

If we dream of having new results and reaching new things, we should change our response pattern to have unique outcomes. We can do it! You can do it!

Happy Saturday!


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