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How does your client sees your brand?

Updated: Jul 23, 2022


Welcome to Branding Bistro's first blog post called "SATURDAY" with new posts in Portuguese and English every Saturday in your email box. These will be drops of reflection and inspiration talking about small business in the USA, tips, productivity, places, colors and everything a little to make your new week productive and surprising.

As a small and medium-sized local entrepreneur, it is very important that we weekly or even monthly, analyze how we are serving our customer in our physical store and especially in the digital environment day after day.

If you could go to your store today, or enter your website, or your sales Whatsapp channel as your customer, would you feel well attended?

Make a list of what you would improve? What is not available that I need to improve for him/her to be better served? Is some information missing? It could create a new category, or a new flavor.

May this exercise be light and inspiring for you.

Have a blessed Saturday.

Thank you for reading and watching our first BLOG post.

Until next SATURDAY

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