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Image by Andrej Lišakov


Feels so good to listen to this!

My son Ethan one day asked me why I like to watch old movies or listen to old songs. Mommy, this movie doesn't have color, but I noticed everyone was talking to each other for so long on the couch, on the table, and I didn't see anybody with a cellphone.

Yes! This is the point!

Why I loved this!

Because brings me how things are so simple; the relationships are deep.

In this blog post, I want you to taste some classic and vintage songs that could you bring this nostalgic feeling as bring to me. It made me understand better my parents.

I love classic things; as an artist love to see how they painted roses and flowers in the 20s; as a producer, I love to see how the tv shows and movies were made before the TV had colors. I love to see how funny and original was Audrey Hepburn in her films.

Today my selection from her and could be perfect for Saturday movie is FUNNY FACE from 1957. Go to Amazon PRIME or Netflix and have fun watching this.

Why do I watch these old movies? Because they are simple! Classic movies offer a refreshing contrast with today’s movies.

I valued going to antique stores to see and feel vintage furniture, see details made by hand, and read books for children with beautiful stories about how I've learned to appreciate it!

I've selected a taste for you that could be not used to listening to this kind of music to taste today! Saturday is the day for a new adventure and discovering a new thing!

I hope you have a restful and fun Saturday!


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