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Image by Andrej Lišakov


4 Incredible Life Hacks That Make your skilled life easier

Hello, this is my second post here. Yay!

I intend to bring something brilliant, friendly, intelligent, and inspirational to your Saturday. I believe the exercise of blogging is to deliver little drops of life's experience as an advertising, producer, and branding strategist.

Little drops of curiosity!

Little drops of cure!

Little drops to save your time!

And today, I just felt to share the hacks of MY productivity in my daily life as a branding strategist, producer, artist, and consultant.

They are my relief and life savers. All those apps have a FREE VERSION if you want to try them out today!. I'm not sponsored by those apps.

1. Adobe Express

I love using Adobe Express for pitch presentations, social media posts, and event planning. Or doing these posts on BLOG. Love it!

2. Thesaurus

Portuguese is my native language, and as a bilingual professional working in the USA, Thesaurus expands my vocabulary and gives me more power to write English better.

3. Grammarly

Make sure my English is well done and give me confidence that the right tone of my message is delivered.

4. Text Art

Perfect for making unique covers for your reels and posts on social media. Give it a try!

5. Pinterest

As a visual artist and producer, my inspirational boards to inspire me to a new photoshoot are always on Pinterest. I believe we can store our dreams, ideas, inspirations, and secret projects there. Making me so happy to pin is stress relief. I can't tell! Start your board for fun today with something that makes you happy.

Check it out my 2 pinterest accounts:

Olhe ai meu Pinterest

Give it a try in those apps if you use iOS or Android.

And please comment on what you like most!

I will love to know about it!

Happy Saturday!


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